Performance and satisfaction arise when the profile and potential have been optimally aligned with the company's existing or intended leadership position and goals.

The LSG rating provides the basis for a systematic and qualified selection of personnel. LSG &Langanke AG combines different scientifically sound assessment methods. The primary goal is always to objectify the assessment of candidates with measurable standards. As a key success factor, a special emphasis is placed on the combination of the professional and personal suitability of a candidate.
•    Our consulting approach is based on the following concept:
•    Personality characteristics are collected through psychological testing.
•    We track previous career success through targeted questioning in interviews.

Past patterns of behavior are determined by the personal addressing of qualified reference providers.
All impressions are recorded centrally in our LSG rating and evaluated according to a standardized system using a coefficient. Here, the subjective impressions of the consultant are transparently contrasted with the reference impressions and the results of the psychological test procedure.
Consequently, we generate the following advantages:
•    optimal recording of professional and personal candidate characteristics,
•    objective assessment of the candidates,
•    Measurability and optimal comparability of candidate quality.

As an accompanying element, the evaluated contents are forwarded to all involved persons in the course of a 360-degree feedback. We thus create a sustainable added value for the candidate. Furthermore, we generate an objective and transparent presentation of the candidate for our client.

Executive Search

The peoplewith their ideas andinnovation capability, their energy and their personality, determine the development and the future of a company. Be it Zurich or Munich, SMEs or matrix-structured corporations, board of directors or divisional managers: we help our clients increase their added value by knowing, finding and placing tailor-made candidates. We build on our network of highly professional leaders with social skills.

Successful executives operate internationally, operate confidently in globalized markets and not only focus on shareholder value and innovation management, but also on their workforce, sustainability and continuity.
Tradition and experience result in our efficient methodology, which we constantly develop and adapt to the needs of our clients and candidates. Because sustainable, full-coverage care of our network is at the heart of our business, we see clients and candidates alike as our partners. You must not only expect the same qualitative standards, but also a corresponding, sustainable support.

As an innovative company in search, selection and placement of executives and supervisory boards, LSG & Langanke AG acts as an internationally oriented partner with a focus and understanding of the DACHregion. We are middle class.

Supervisory Board / Advisory Board / Board of Directors

At a time when supervisory board members are increasingly coming under public and shareholder scrutiny, requirements governing the search for suitable personalities to replace incumbent board members are becoming more and more stringent.

Our “Supervisory board / advisory board / governing board” division creates a platform for encounters, exchanges and the appointment of supervisory / advisory / governing board members for the optimum benefit of both parties.

With the advent of new expectations in terms of quality, the division is undergoing change. It is gradually becoming less common for people to be appointed to supervisory boards via the personal network, move up through the ranks of the managing board or be nominated to ensure maximum public representation, as the focus turns to the necessity of professional qualifications and the true function of this body: to supervise and advise the management board.

Independence and experience, integrity and a sense of responsibility, skill at keeping managing board salaries and bonuses within socially acceptable limits, recognising and preventing decisions which may appear profitable in the short term but may damage the company in the long term, and the resulting ability to plan in a far-sighted and sustained fashion beyond quarterly performance – these are the hallmarks of the modern supervisory/advisory board.

We act as a professional platform for all these requirements, working with a hand-picked network that enjoys optimum support and has grown over many years. We either know or can find the right members of these bodies – competently, discreetly and reliably.

Industry Experts

The question “How can you scale an existing business?” is one that crops up frequently. There are generally two options: expansion through the founding of new businesses, or the conventional acquisition of local or international companies. It is vital that experts are involved in the due diligence process in order to provide a detailed impression of the market or align the new acquisition with the existing business and release the resulting synergies.

The topic of industry experts is crucial in respect of private equity funds in particular. LSG &Langanke AG supplies industry experts for deal origination or due diligence in the deal cycle.

Deal origination
More and more funds and deal-by-deal vehicles are penetrating today's market, while the number of transactions is declining. This is why companies need to stand out from the rest and establish a structured origination process. Industry experts can help to source targets in the desired market, while management entry may be achieved through existing advisors' contacts in some cases. The basic prerequisite for proprietary deals is the network!

Due diligence
Since private equity funds have intensive dealings with a variety of industries, they consequently also deal intensively with the identified targets. It is nevertheless essential to exchange views with experts who boast long-standing experience in the industry and to involve them in assessing the company in question. LSG &Langanke AG, in cooperation with a Swissmarket leader in M & A business, provides exclusive access to a selected network of consultants.
These consultants often take a position on the advisory board or are integrated into the company in an active managerial role following a successful transaction. For this reason, this range of services fits seamlessly into LSG &Langanke AG's overall approach of using a network to generate value-added.