The consultants of LSG & Langanke AG can look back on many years of experience in the search and placement of outstanding executives, specialists and personalities.

Due to an extensive, hand-picked and internationally maintained network, tasks and requirements have always been implemented in the last few years to the highest satisfaction of our clients.

Our Philosophy

LSG & Langanke AG considers itself as a boutique that looks after every client with the highest degree of individuality. As a sustainable partner in the search, selection and integration of outstanding personalities, we also act internationally at the highest level.

With a focus on individuality, authenticity and trust, we are the right partner for medium-sized businesses, family and large companies. For us, the classic values of quality, trust and sustainability are the highest priority and are not up for grabs.


While looking for qualified, international employees, companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria have to face major challenges. There is a shortage of executives and specialists in many foreign locations. The greater the requirements in terms of complexity, scope of management and strategic orientation is, the further the gap will be between demand and supply.

The existing management shortfall is often overestimated, however – mainly because the market for international managers is not understood well enough. There is simply too little experience of the international market and too great a discrepancy between its dynamics and regional disparity and those of the established markets, while the motives of potential managers are also quite diverse. The resulting uncertainty leads to over-hasty, unsuitable appointments being made.

LSG & Langanke AG with a dedicated expertise in consulting companies in the German-speaking economic area and over 15 years of expertise in Central and Eastern Europe completes challenges according to the maxim "quality with speed" and guarantees a consistent assessment along the experience, the competencies and the potential of the leader in the context of the respective market.

LSG & Langanke AG
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LSG & Langanke AG (HCCM®)
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LSG & Kollegen GmbH
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With our partners in the group, LSG &Kollegen GmbH in Munich / Germany and LSG-CEE Kft. In Budapest / Hungary, LSG & Langanke AG provides optimal advice to our internationally operating partners through a high level of local expertise, connections and business contacts in the growing Eastern European economic area.


Our network of candidates is hand-picked. We understand and practice the network philosophy of the ever-closing circle of clients and candidates. We focus on providing sustainable support to our candidates and their career paths: from management to the board, and from there to the supervisory board, interim management or business ownership succession.

Our candidates can expect us to support them with the same care, sustainability and professionalism we show to our clients. This optimum level of professionalism is reflected in all areas of our client support, whether this be company succession, executive search, interim management or the recruitment of supervisory, advisory or governing board members. Integrity, discretion and speed are the hallmarks of our philosophy. Our consultancy approach focuses on personal contact as well as on intensive communications with all those involved in the process.

Thanks to our long-standing expertise acquired in leading companies and positions, and to the great integrity of our consultants as well as our specially developed rating system, we are able to offer a value-added consulting service in every project.

Not only does our rating system enable clients to assess our selection in a specific manner, but it also provides our candidates with an objective impression of their own abilities and optimization potential.
We therefore add value for all parties involved, and this value-added is what we focus on in the long term.

Sphere of activity

LSG & Langanke AG specialized in filling national and international positions in all areas of management as well as in advisory and supervisory boards for corporations, large, medium-sized and family businesses. In addition, LSG &Langanke AG supports clients with fulfilling prompt demands of specialist engineers and specialists below management and leadership responsibilities.

The successful selection of personnel at the first two levels of management as well as at supervisory level is what distinguishes the market leaders from the also-rans. Top-drawer managers achieve better results than average ones and create sustainable values. Conversely, it is undoubtedly true that appointing the wrong people to management posts can put a company in a tricky economic situation in the long term.

LSG & Langanke AG sets out to recruit the best available leaders for a position, thus assuring the respective company of a crucial competitive edge. The focus is on bringing people together to generate a successful business environment. Our reputation, our multi-dimensional approach and the long-standing trust placed in our company place us in good stead to approach the very best candidates. We can thus guarantee the best results in terms of new management appointments.

We only undertake projects that can be brought to a successful conclusion by virtue of our experience, resources and capacities, and believe that this approach sets us apart from the competition.
In contrast to numerous growth-oriented and listed consulting companies, our work is oriented towards our quality and a sustainable strategic partnership with our clients.