portrait Dr. Ulrich H. Langanke

Dr. Ulrich H. Langanke

CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LSG & Langanke AG, partner at LSG &Kollegen GmbH, Managing Director LSG-CEE Kft.

Dr. Ulrich H. Langanke received his doctorate in a multidisciplinary PhD-method, after internationalstudies with stations in Augsburg, Budapest and Brussels.

His career in human resources began as a senior consultant with an owner-managed German executive search agency in Berlin for the automotive sector. As a consultant to the Hungarian Government for Academia Industry Partnership projects with the European aerospace & defence industry, he expanded his market and offshore skills with the development of sophisticated products in the field of in-company training and higher education, for example the establishment of a partially German-speaking MSC. Degree in Mechanical Engineering ‘MachinenbauLuftfahrt’, he emphasized his expertise as a partner for industry leaders and their interests. After completing his mandate as a government consultant, he accepted the offer of a globally leadingHR service provider, listed in Switzerland, to work as a senior consultant at the headquarter in Budapest, for international automotive customers. Since 2010, Dr. Langanke is the Managing Director and shareholder of the business branches Hungary and Slovakia of a German HR service provider with focus on outsourcing / labor leasing, recruitment and coaching for production companies. His industry expertise and insider competence for executive search and M&A is also manifested in his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Slovak Invest Agency (SIA).

Dr. Langanke is a lecturer in the MSc program "Enterprise Development" at the Faculty of Economics at Óbuda University in Budapest.

Dr. Langanke is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of LSG & Langanke AG, partner of LSG &Kollegen GmbH and Managing Director of LSG-CEE Kft.

portrait Bence Balogh

Bence Balogh

Senior Consultant, General Manager LSG-CEE Kft., Budapest

Mr. Balogh graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a degree in Business Administration and Management specializing in HR Management.

As an HR consultant, he focused on customers in the automotive industry as well as innovation-driven areas in the electrical and IT industry.

With his move to an international HR service provider with HQ in Germany, he became an international HR consultant for executives in global projects. At the same time, Mr. Balogh took on the role of Project Manager Engineer Leasing for partners from German-speaking countries. As Senior Consultant, he acquired competencies in the successful internationalization (candidates from South America, Asia, Africa) of development and engineering teams on-site of German and Swiss SMEs in the field of automation and automotive.

Mr. Balogh is Senior Consultant and Shareholder of LSG & Langanke AG and General Manager of LSG-CEE Kft., Budapest.